Flooring warranties have a trick. Flooring repairs can be expensive. What you need to know

With the fast pace of life, flooring problems are the last things you want to think about! Between bad carpet cleaning services, moving furniture with out sliders and home cleaning machines not being used right, your carpets and floors are severely abused! The average carpet replacement in a home is around $3000.00 – $6000.00 per install. This is with lower grade carpet that won’t last very long without tips to keeping it fresh!

Lets start out with some basics. Improper cleanings and care can result in delimitation of the backing. Leaving Chemicals or Shampoos on the lighter term, can cause more damage than meets the eye. These shampoos are made with Acid and alkaline properties to neutralize stains and dirt. Leaving these shampoo’s can result in burning the top of the carpet. Discoloring the flooring. Eating the Latex out of the backing of your carpets. Acid and alkaline properties can cause burning to your children and pets skin and more. By the backing and latex being eaten away, this can cause the carpet to basically grow because it’s loosening up all of the fibers and construction of the flooring. Moving furniture over a period of time to clean behind it can cause buckling and bumps to the middle of your floors. Most of all, carpet installers that are not certified do not use power stretchers anymore because they are in such a hurry to take your money and move onto the next bad install. Most carpet installation companies only offer a 1-2 year warranty and for good reason! These installers usually are fly by nighter’s and cut your flooring to the walls and use a Knee Kicker only. The carpet will look great for the first 6 months and then the trouble starts. Just to be clear, there is a State standard of proper installations called the CR 104 and the CR 105. These are again, State standards for Homes and commercial installs. Power stretching is an absolute must from the go. If this is done right, you should never need a restretch to begin with. Latex all of the seams. This holds all of the cuts that were made in long-lasting place. Just 2 major examples you need to know to get started with the right Companies in your home or business.

Most Carpet Installers these days do not latex their seam edges. Yes thats a factual step into a proper install and 90% of them cut this step out due to low installation bids! With everyone wanting cheaper and cheaper, we have kinda done this to ourselves as a society. It is absolutely worth every extra penny spent to have the proper services and installs done right the first time. This alone can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in longevity. Lets give a big example of what the carpet and flooring industry does not really want you to know! Your carpets for example come with a huge warranty! It sound amazing when you can get a 25 year warranty from pet staining, spills and more. The problem with this is, the industry does not tell you factually how to maintain the warranty! They are preying that you make mistakes the first year and your warranty is voided before it even really started!

Did you know you must have your carpets cleaned by a truck mounted service every year? Using your home machine will automatically violate your warranty. This is usually done wrong from the start! Machines should NOT have the shampoos running through them because you are leaving a residue. Even if you are rinsing the shampoos out, you are not stripping the Stain guard off of the flooring and now voided the warranty for the second offense. Not reapplying the Stain Guard has left your carpets wide open for future staining not to come out. This also gives a barrier to rocks and dirt from abrasively cutting into the filaments! By not having a professional steam cleaning and teflon { Carpet protector } application done yearly, you have voided this amazing carpet from the get go! If a Carpet inspector comes out to inspect, they will ask for your receipts right off the bat. If you do not have this in writing or proof, you now voided the whole home and now you are stuck with this seemingly perfect install and now horrible carpet! Be sure to read the very fine print from your manufacture and warranty polices. You might need a Magnafine glass to see it!

Now that you have an idea about how this somewhat works, let’s go back to your flooring problems after a year or two. Again, replacing your carpet is very expensive and one last tip. The flooring industry has designed most of this to only last 6-8 years. We hate to break that news to you but you can beat their system by having the jobs done right the first time and proper floor care. It is well worth the money to have your flooring restored vs replacing it very few years. Here are a few tips to finding the right person and really what to expect!

There are many ways that flooring repairs are priced. Usually it can be by the hour. Some companies will charge you by the yard or square foot. Some will do it by the room. Average cost per room is $75- $150 per room. No matter how this is measured or priced, it usually comes back to the Hour! Our advice is, do it by the hour! Some companies will line item EVERY single problem and this alone will cost you even more money! Example: 2 seam’s at $50-$100 dollars a piece. Room cost: $75- $150 x 5. Moving furniture starting at $50.00 per room. 3 patches @ $50- $100 to start with. Replacing tack strip and the list can go on and on! Its better to have the company go hourly because anything that can happen or is in that room should be covered in the hourly price. Materials will always be separate but labor can be more moderate this way! If a company is coming in to do a restrict with only a knee kicker, then you just lost your second investment to this carpet and will need a third company to come and fix this again! If the company has given you a low bid to start with, we can assure you there will be tedious up sales once the are there! If it’s a low bid to get the job, it’s not going to be a service worth paying for! It is an absolute must to have an IDEA of what it may cost but have the company take a look and give the estimate in a real fashion to come up with the real agreements so you are not frustrated in the end!

You want the best for your home. You want honesty from the get go. You want a service that lasts. This blog alone should give you the better ideas of what you really should be looking for and hopefully better ideas on how your warranty really works. Do not second guess your company you are using. Here are the facts and Absolute Floors & More LLC can help you with questions as well as proper care to all of your homes needs! Please give us a call at anytime to get the right information or services you deserve!

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