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As the seasons change, so do the cleaning needs. Fall and winter is around the corner and its time to start up the furnace. Air Duct Cleaning is a very overlooked service that does so many wonderful things. Your indoor Air Quality is one of the most important parts of your home for your family and pets.

Air Ducts can be one of the dirtiest parts of your home

Its easy to forget about them as they bring heat to your life. Your home is like a human body. It breaths cold air in and breaths hot air out. Yes, your home is breathing. Imagine breathing in massive amounts of dust and air born pollutant’s. Well, you probably are if you have not cleaned your air ducts in the past year! When was the last time you changed your furnace filter? Did you know you should change them every 3-6 months? Who has time for that? If your dust mask was dirty while working, would you change it? Of course you would. Why would your home be any different?

Dust, dust and more dust. Will it ever end? Our furnace takes in cold air through Cold Air Returns. It travels down to the furnace and passes a air filter and then is turned into heat that is blowing out of the vents. Dust is carbon. Dust is skin from our bodies. Dust creates food sources for dust mites and other organisms. These organisms can be harmful. They can carry germs, viruses, diseases and more. Dust is one of the biggest reasons why we get sick and can stay sick. It is extremely important to know your technician and companies performing the act of cleaning this vital part of your home. Dust can be a fire hazard, as a reminder. You do have a flame that heats the air so is ever so important to keep the vents and furnace clear of any dust or debre for this reason alone.

Be sure that the company you choose is not blowing the dust and debre back into your system. If you do not hear trash, dust and debre being sucked out of your vents, then its being done wrong. Plain and simple. There are so many systems out there and which one do you go with? Go with the system that will show you the real results at the end. If a company cannot show you the debre at the end, then there might be a problem with that clean. There are many ways and machines that can clean. There is not just one way to do this right, just to be clear. Try to avoid companies cutting into your plenums. If its a must, then do it but expect a high dollar for this service. Make sure they seal the openings extremely well. You do not want to lose heat because of a bad opening to your system. Be sure to clean all of the vent covers as well. If you can wet clean them and dry, then do so!

Cleaning the furnace is a very important step. Its the heart of the system and the cleaner this is, the longer it will last to give you the heat you deserve. It is a huge recommendation to have this cleaned once a year. Have a black line around your rooms. Is there a black line under your doors that looks like dust? This is mistaken sometimes as the house is dirty. This is not the case. These lines can indicate that the ducts and furnace are dirty. Your carpet will act as a filtration system as doors are closed and if the system is dirty, the dust has nowhere to go but to the walls and down to the carpet. This is a very hard stain to get out of the carpet once its made. Its a carbon stain at that point and dust is the worst stain in the world to get out. Simply cleaning your air ducts and furnace each year can keep this line from ever showing.

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