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Here are a few questions about your Carpet Cleaning experiences. Are you tired of the splash and dash companies that are supposed to clean your carpets? Are you tired of the up sales that were not presented to you from the first estimate or coupon? Are you tired of having a carpet cleaning and it looks dirtier the next week then when you started the cleaning? These are three questions that are most common about the Carpet Cleaning industry that can be extremely frustrating.

Do you know about your Carpet Warranties?

Did you know that your carpet and flooring warranties have a very strict guideline that you must follow to ensure your flooring warranty stays current? All carpets are manufactured with a few tricks. The first trick is an optical illusion. There is a clear coat of optical brightener’s that are sprayed on after the carpets are made. These optical brightener’s are designed to collect light and make your carpets shine! Its like a crystal in the window. It collects the light to provide a beautiful shine of color. Once this is wore from the carpet, it can become dull and lifeless and mistaken as dirt. The second part of this is, a clear coat protectant such as teflon or scotch guard as an example. This does many, many things to protect the life of the flooring. Not only does it protect the clear coat of the optical brightener’s, but its basically like putting a plastic coat over the fibers. This allows more resistance from tiny rocks and soil from cutting into the fibers leaving areas for dirt and oils to wedge its self into. It puts a block between soils and stains so it can be released the proper way by a professional. Home cleaning machines and cleaners can void the warranty right away by damaging the protectants and fibers. You must be able to prove each year that your carpets were cleaned by a truck mounted system as well as having a protectant applied after each clean. If there is one failure to this, your carpet warranty will be denied. 90% of soils come from the outside. Oils can hold soils and without the right cleaners and shampoo’s, its a back breaking chore to clean any flooring without the right training and equipment. Leaving shampoo’s and chemicals not only attract dirt by not rinsing properly but it can be very harmful to your pets and children. It is an absolute must to find a certified technician and company that has gone through the proper schools and training to make these cleans long lasting and safe. It should be a great demand to ensure a residue free carpet cleaning is done right along with a applying the carpet protectants to not only protect your investment but to uphold your huge carpet warranties.

How to save your Carpet!

One huge tip that is very overlooked about your carpets can be as easy as wearing a pair of socks. Yes socks! Oils, lotions and soaps from a fresh shower can factually be the most damaging of all. The oils from your skin alone can attract dirt and soils. If this oil is not stripped the proper way, the dirt and soil will stay bonded to your carpets. Lotions and potions can be extremely damaging because they attract dirt. Lotions can as well change the color of your flooring that cannot be reversed. Simply wearing socks can add years of life to your expensive investments to carpet installing and cleanings.

Regular Carpet Maintenance

If you have waited over a year or more to clean your carpets, this can get extremely expensive to clean and restore. Do not wait for your traffic areas to turn black. This takes special equipment to clean and may not completely restore the carpets. Again, with soils and oils that are embedded into the carpet, extreme cleaners and tools are used to ensure the highest of quality of the cleanings. The National standard to clean your home is at least once a year. The National standard only refers to a truck mount verses any other leaning methods because of the high heat and steam. This alone will help disinfect viruses, diseases and more. The longer you wait, the more expensive this can be. Be sure to get on a schedule with your carpet cleaning company and technician to help defeat the high costs it can be to restore these floors.

Save Money on Carpet Cleaning

Stop waisting your money on a coupon that is built to be an up sale for one. You can do so many little things that turn into big deals for your flooring. Nobody has time to think about these small tips for their home that depend on a professional carpet cleaner to know and do all of these things. You will more then likely not get the professional you are looking for with a coupon and you should demand that the technicians are certified and have a basic knowledge of the industry. Carpet cleaners are not created equals nor are the companies. There is an extreme science in carpet cleanings and this vast industry that keeps growing.

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