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Upholstery can be one of the biggest investments you have in your home. After a long day it's refreshing to relax in your favorite chair. When was the last time you had it cleaned? We don't want any damage to our favorite evening retreat. Furniture is expensive and we want to know that it's in good hands while being cleaned. We will treat your furniture like it's our own.

Upholstery cleaning can be the most confusing part about keeping your home clean and fresh. You have your carpets cleaned every year to uphold your warranties so why not your furniture? This wide world of fabrics and fillers can even make a professionals head spin, when its time to truly clean your furniture the right way. There are so many factors to having this done right the first time. What is the furniture made out of? What type of material is it made with? Was it clear coat protected when you bought it? How old is it? The questions keep going on and on.

Most upholstery comes with a furniture tag. These tags are confusing and scary when you read them. Read the tag and you will see there is a % of cotton. There is a % of Polyester along with many other unknown materials when constructed. Some of this furniture is made with 15 different fabrics and fillers that it cannot be clear on how to clean these, even with a tag. Feather Down fillers can never be wet cleaned. Who would have known that? Most tags on your furniture will tell you to dry clean only. A Lot of the times, these tags are a warnings for the average consumer to not use their own cleaning methods and equipment due to severe damage that can be cause by the improper way of cleaning these huge investments. Dry Cleaning is extremely expensive and really is not the right way to clean real soils and oils. Dry cleaning can leave a residue that can attract more dirt and oils. This can be expensive to clean this way and most fabrics can be wet cleaned to maximize your investment to the actual cleanings. You do not have to always clean by way of dry cleaning. You want a certified technician that has gone to school to determine the right cleaning method, shampoos or chemicals and the whole process of the task. Anything less is a pure gamble on the results of this favorite furniture you may own.

One of the most overlooked Upholstery items in your home is your Mattress. According to materials published by Ohio State University, a typical used mattress may have 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. One of their favorite foods is dead skin, and people shed about one fifth of an ounce of the stuff every week, some of which surely ends up flaking into your mattress. Your mattress literally grows each year and does in fact, become heavier with time. There can be up to 8 ounce of sweat absorbed into your Bed or mattress. Thats a lot of sweat! Viruses, diseases, mites of all types and more, sleep tight when you do. This should be an item in the home that is cleaned once a year as well to ensure the bed bugs do not bite.

Never second guess who is cleaning in your home. It can be costly in many areas. Upholstery cleaning really is an art in the right hands of a certified tech. Let absolute Floors & More LLC be your guide to the questions and concerns about the right way to cleaning your upholstery. We use a residue-free cleaning method that lasts until the next freshening up of your furniture in your home. We can apply Upholstery protectants as well to help you protect not only your furniture, but your investment as well. Absolute Floors & More gives free estimates and advice to our clients and friends. Please give us a call or book us through our website in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding areas! We are looking forward to meeting you!

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile and grout looks so nice when its first installed. What a magical touch it is to have bright tile and grout that lasts forever. Did I say forever? Maybe the first few weeks. Tile and grout is probably the least favorite to clean in all homes. Its back breaking and extremely tough to release the oils and soils. Soap scum can literally ruin your grout in a short amount of time and change its color. Why does this happen and why is it so hard to clean?

Most tile installers do such a great job on the install and usually miss or do not offer an upgrade to their work. It is an absolute must to have your tiles and grout seal from the get go. Unfortunately most tile installers do not want to take the time nor the worry on this upgrade so they can get to the next job costing you hundreds of dollars to clean that might not last. Grout is very, very porous and unlike carpet, it does not come with its own clear coat protectant. This grout is unprotected and will take on the easiest of stains. Most of these stains can become deeply embedded into the pours of the grout making it impossible to clean once damaged. It is very rare to find a home that has had the final step of sealing the grout upon the install. This alone would solve so many problems that arise in a short amount of time.

Tile and Grout cleaning requires the right cleaning agents. Normal cleaning agents at home are usually the wrong PH to start with. PH is the balance of what side the chemicals are made of and how to use them. Grout generally needs to be acid cleaned for many reasons. Alkaline cleans can leave the grout brown and dingy. Thats is what most home cleaners are made of. This is one big reason why your back breaking cleanings are not working on the tile and grout. It takes High Heat, time and real chemical or cleaner knowledge to truly bring the tile and grout back to its best abilities. You have already made these big investments to installing and now cleaning it, so don’t forget to seal it! The sealant will be your best investment and protection you can make. Some of these sealants have optical brightener’s to help restore the sheen the grout once had. This as well will make your home cleanings so much easier and less painful. You can achieve the cleaning in your home that you want with any cleaner after the sealant is applied. It is worth every penny spent to restore the tile and grout by a certified tech. Once the process is done right, it should keep the average cost very low for future cleanings and can save you money in the long run.

Absolute Floors & more LLC would love to give you a free estimate on how to clean and maintain your tile and grout. This is one of the many services we provide at our company. You can give s a call or book an appointment through our website in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding areas! We are looking forward to meeting you!

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