Do you really know how your carpets are being cleaned?

Having your Carpets cleaned can be an expensive investment these days. Not only is it hard to find a company that knows what they are doing, but its even harder to know what you are really getting for your money! This blog might be an eye opener and hopefully get you on the right track!

Not every Carpet Cleaner and company is created equal. Even if the company has a cleaning policy for their employees, most do it their way! It’s usually wrong. Carpet Cleaning has become an art and factual chemistry industry! Carpet cleaning companies are using high alkaline cleaners along with acid cleaners. The Average PH of a carpet is a 2-3 on the PH Scale meaning these are very acidic stains and dirt! 90% of your Acidic soils come from the outside! Its is important that your Company and Carpet cleaner understands the chemistry for one! Some of these companies claiming to be ” environmentally safe ” are still not so environmental. Most carpet cleaners run Shampoo’s and chemicals through their cleaning systems and do not fully rinse out these chemicals. Thais 80% of the industry and huge companies you would think you can trust!

A true carpet cleaning depends on many, many factors. These Chemicals or Shampoo’s require a dwell time of 15-45 minutes to even take effect! What most portable machines and Older Cleaning Vans do not have is High Heat! 90% of all of the Chemicals and Shampoo’s depend on Heat to Activate the ingredients. Heat alone is a disinfectant and that’s why truck mounts are a National recommendation from the State and Federal Laws! Having the mixtures running through your Truck mount systems and Portables have zero dwell time and really are a waste of chemicals and your money!

Not only does running your chemicals through these systems not really work, but they as well leave residues that factually will attract dirt to them! Emulsification is the proper term that soil suspends the dirt from your Carpets with time and temperature! If any of these chemicals are left behind, then your carpets will look worst then they started! Going back to a PH of 2-3 on the PH Scale. If a company is saying they are environmental, then they are saying they use Chemicals and Shampoos not Greater than 8-9 on the Alkaline side of the PH Chart! If you have black or very discolored carpets, then these Shampoos WILL NOT WORK! As a matter of fact, if you do not use the right PH, then these companies are setting in your Staining and dirt! You pay high Dollars to care for your home not to have this explained or done the correct way!

(7) equals zero on a PH! 1= The highest acid side and 14 equals the highest alkaline side. What ever number you are dealing with on either side, you want to match the one or the other to create a neutralizing effect and then use a neutral rinse. Nice and easy!

It is more than important to have your carpets neutralized during the clean. This in itself will bring your Carpets to the Neutral 7 on the PH scale! This now becomes a more than safe and environmental clean just in this step alone. Most of these companies DO NOT neutralize the carpet and leave a residue. No matter what the ph is above or below 7, it’s still a harmful substance for you children and pets! This statement is not for the weak but needs to be known. There have been cases of Dogs and pets chewing their paws off because of improper cleanings and leaving residues on the carpet! Does a family member or child have rashes you cannot figure out? Its more than likely due to the fact of your trust with big to little companies not knowing the real steps it takes to make this not only a safe clean, but a longer lasting clean!

There is more to carpet cleaning then throwing a shampoo in some water and cleaning! This is a Complete science and if the Companies and Technicians have not been certified, then you are wasting your money! You can do more damage to you carpets then fixing them with bad services that you do not realize! This is just the start of many Blogs that we will have to help educate clients and Home owners before making their choice in the company they deserve to have in their homes! Let Absolute Floors & More LLC be you company to make this safe and educational for many years to come!

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